Elo Automated was established in 2008 and is situated in Chengyang District, Qingdao. PRC.

Elo Automated develops and manufactures solutions in stainless steel, Aluminum, copper and other materials. We have the resources, we know the procedures and we have that special creative ability that allows us to convert our clients’ initial thoughts into profitable solutions.

Craftsmen and engineers are working together. As engineers, we understand our customers’ technological needs and requirements. All of our engineers are at the forefront of their field and can actively and accurately participate in solving complex problem definitions.

Elo Automated wants to be more than just an order-based supplier. We want to enter into strategic, close and constructive partnerships with our customers. Our goal is to position ourselves as an integrated partner that further develops existing products and instinctively becomes involved in the development of new ones.

Our goal is to develop and enhance our combined qualifications to continually satisfy both our own and our customers’ high expectations.

We can provide development, design, construction and manufacturing for prototypes and batch-production projects. We are prepared to invest the time, energy, skills and ideas.