We value our human resources capitals and the company is committed to offer equal opportunity in all phases of employment. Our company will provide promotion opportunities to employees for personal growth and development by rewarding employees with careers when vacancies are made available.

1、R&D Engineer Job Description:

1、Research & Develop & Design refrigeration system and parts such as evaporator, condenser & receiver; Investigate and analyze development of refrigeration industry in order to determine direction of refrigeration technology;
2、Be Master of refrigeration principle of air conditioning unit (air cooling and water cooling), able to calculate heat exchange capacity, heat exchange volume and other parameters of refrigeration system according to customer requirements or self-development, and include products and process flow development;
3、Formulate and improve relevant technical specifications of products and organize to implementation;
4、Continuously optimize and improve design of refrigeration system;
5、Use AutoCAD, Pro/E software, independently complete product drawings, BOM and needed technical documents within due date;
6、Make use of technology skill to reduce costs and solve customer feedback problems;
7、Lead to establish, apply of patent protection of company's technology and process intellectual property rights;
8、Building R&D team to improve independent self-develop ability and technology of each product module through talent training; drive and coordinate R&D colleague in other regions to participate in relevant design work;
9、Support technical training and promotion of Sales department (both online & offline);
10、Other tasks may be supported;

2、KA Overseas sales:

1,Through foreign exhibitions, Alibaba, Made in China and other channels, independently develop key customer groups of evaporator, condenser and receiver in Europe and Asia, formulate key customer sales plan (monthly, quarterly and annual) and complete sales target on time;
2,Optimize the product information of Alibaba international station and improve the product exposure and customer inquiry rate;
3,Collect information of overseas marketing, exhibition&etc, provide market research support for the company's product planning and definition;
4,Collection of sales contract payment on time;


1,Junior college or above, major in refrigeration or marketing, fluent in English;
2,At least 2 years of sales experience in overseas marketing or industry trading,Familiar with industrial product knowledge, overseas regional market and business operation;
3,Familiar with the use of channels such as Alibaba, Made-in-China, and social Apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., could quickly and accurately acquire target customers and get in touch;
4,Independently obtain refrigeration product orders with a contract amount of more than 1 million dollar is preferred.
5,Working background of key customers or good interpersonal relationship with key customers is preferred.